Drops collaborates with Jeezy during Georgia Special Election

On Tuesday, January 5th, Drops collaborated with multi-platinum Atlanta recording artist Jeezy, as well as the agencies Havas NY, Havas Atlanta, and Annex Bookstore to create an exclusive, geofenced, Augmented Reality experience for social good.

We encouraged voter participation in the Georgia special election through a campaign that made exclusive content available at eight polling locations around Atlanta. The content was made accessible through QR-enabled signage as well as via geofenced links on Jeezy’s social media.

Watch the video below to learn more, or click See Jeezy’s Drop to experience it yourself.

See Jeezy’s Drop

We’re excited to push beyond our early days as a location-based audio app and grow into an augmented reality platform. Spurred by Drops’ participation in the NYC Media Lab + Havas, Future of Retail Challenge these AR Drops allow partners to easily turn 3D assets, streaming audio and video into multi-sensory experiences. Fulfilling our mission to lower the bar to creating AR.

Jeezy’s Drop illustrates the potential of merging the physical and digital worlds for promotional and business objectives as well as our commitment to using it for social good.

We hope that you find this interesting and look forward to sharing more updates with you in the future! Stay tuned on our website: https://www.drops.nyc



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